Different Animals: comedy by Abby Rosebrock

Abby Rosebrock's Different Animals will play at The Cherry Lane Theater from 20 Apr - 26 May 2013. Rosebrock, an Upright Citizen's Brigade alum, will also star in the show.

Directed by Bruce Ornstein, the supporting cast of Different Animals features Cesa Pledger, Dirk Keysser, Brady Kirchberg, Maria Panoski and Sienna Sternick.

Different Animals follows a few old-fashioned souls as they search for spiritual fulfillment among the churches and chain restaurants of the New South, in the age of social media and monogamy's decline.

Different Animals centers on Jessica Tarver (Cesa Pledger), a young woman still clinging to the gospels of romantic comedy and happily-ever-after. But by her late twenties, she finds herself languishing in Spartanburg, South Carolina - reeling from the sting of a failed business venture, disappointed by her May-December marriage and committing adultery in the bathroom of an Olive Garden.

Though Jess finds a figment of romance in her childhood friend William Burnip (Kirchberg), now a charismatic liberal activist and the pastor of her Lutheran church, Will is interested in little more than sex. Meanwhile, Jessica's husband Leo (Keysser) sets his sights on Molly Gardner (Abby Rosebrock), an unstable young coworker, who in turn falls in love with both of the Tarvers at once. When the couple tries to save their marriage by inviting Molly into the bedroom, Jessica is torn between an electric new friendship and an inescapable tie to Will.

A raunchy comedy and a study of modern marriage, Different Animals is based lovingly on Rosebrock's experience growing up among promiscuous Lutherans in South Carolina.

Bruce Ornstein will produce the show alongside Richard Neustadter.

In a joint statement Ornstein and Neustadter said,

This extraordinary work by Abby Rosebrock, marks the entrance of a major voice in the American theatre scene."

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