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"Claymont" by Kevin Brofsky, at Intar 53 from 31 Jan 2004

Fri 9 Jan 2004 "Claymont" by Kevin Brofsky, at Intar 53 from 31 Jan 2004 Emerging Artists Theatre presents Claymont by Kevin Brofsky, from 31 Jan to 22 Feb 2004 at Intar 53, 508 W. 53rd Street, (Off Broadway) Directed by Derek Jamison, the cast includes: Wynne Anders, Jacqueline Barsh, Glory Gallo, Jason Hare, Aimee Howard, Jason O'Connell, Stephen Sherman. It is 1969 and soldiers are going to Vietnam, astronauts are landing on the moon, and Neil Greenglass is hopelessly in love with the rebellious neighbor boy who is temporarily crashing at his house. The radicalism rubs off and inspires Neil to create an art project for high school that shakes up this small town in Delaware. In this staunchly traditional neighborhood, Neil's true feelings must remain repressed, and for the younger generation, the American Dream seems far away and hard to reach. "The play is largely autobiographical, including all of the details of the same small town I am from, Claymont, Delaware," says playwright Kevin Brofsky. "I also remembered a summer over 30 years ago in that suburban town which was extremely difficult for anyone with interests other than sports to grow up in. I remembered though having a crush on 'an older man of 21'."

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