Claymont at the Rose Nagelberg Theater

Emerging Artists Theatre presents Claymont, a comedy by Kevin Brofsky, opening at the Rose Nagelberg Theater at the Baruch Performing Arts Center on 9 Feb 2008, following previews from 5 Feb and running through to 2 Mar 2008.

Claymont is presented as part of Emerging Artists Theatre's 2008 Triple Threat Premiere.

Fate has not been kind to the Greenglass family of Claymont, Delaware, with Ethan, the father, bedridden with cancer; Shayna, the mother, being forced to take a bank job; Neil, the 18 year old son, in charge of keeping the house clean and the grandmother Ethan�s unwilling nurse. A visit from neighbor Dolores shakes up the numbing routine of the Greenglass home, with a unique request for them to board her oldest son Dallas, who has been expelled from college. Dolores cannot bring her son home to her military husband. Dallas, who turns out to be a sensitive soul, if more than a little lost, fascinates Neil.

Dolores comes to visit Dallas in his new quarters to go over her plan to keep him out of Vietnam. She wants him to marry his ex-high school sweetheart, Sharon, whose father is one of Claymont�s most influential businessmen and will give his new son-in-law a job with the DuPont Company. But the last thing Dallas wants is to be trapped in a loveless marriage and a job he hates.

Directed by Derek Jamison, Claymont features Wynne Anders, Ron Bopst, Glory Gallo, Jason Hare, Rebecca Hoodwin, Aimee Howard and Stephen Sherman.

The creative team comprises Tim McMath (sets), Meredith Neal (costumes), Joyce Liao (lighting) and Ned Thorne (sound).

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