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Classical Theater of Harlem's 2006 - 2007 Season

Classical Theater of Harlem will present 3 plays for their 8th season.

The Three plays are King Lear by William Shakespeare, Marat Sade by Peter Weiss and Elecktra adapted from Sophocles by Alfred Preisser.

All plays will be performed at the Harlem School of the Arts. Further details to be announced.

King Lear

, by William Shakespeare.

King Lear decides to divide his kingdom amongst his three daughters. The oldest two daughters fawn insincerely over their father, and get most of his possessions. The youngest daughter, Cordelia, is much less lavish in her displays of affection, and disappoints her father. But events soon lead the old king to find out how each of his daughters really feels about him.

The play will be directed by Alfred Preisser and star Andr� De Shields.

Co-Production with the Folger Theatre in Washington, D.C.

Dates 29 Sep - 5 Nov 2006.

Marat Sade

by Peter Weiss.

The infamous Marquis de Sade has been imprisoned in the asylum of Charenton for endangering public morals. As a form of therapy the hospital's patients are allowed to take part in plays, and de Sade sets out to dramatize the death of the French revolutionary Jean-Paul Marat, who was murdered in his bath. With its cast of sociopaths, schizophrenics, and narcoleptics, the play is a wild celebration of insanity.

The play will be directed by Christopher McElroen.

Dates 2 Feb - 11 Mar 2007.


adapted from Sophocles by Alfred Preisser

Tells the story of the revenge Orestes and Electra take on their mother, Clytemnestra, for the murder of their father Agamemnon, after he returns from the Trojan War.

The play will be directed by Alfred Preisser.

Dates 4 May - 10 Jun 2007.

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