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Beckett Below at Under St Mark's

Ghostcrab presents Beckett Below, by Samuel Beckett, at Under St. Marks from 9 - 18 Nov 2006.

Beckett Below is an evening of four short plays by Samuel Beckett:

  • Act Without Words II
    Director: Ariane Anthony.
    Cast: Cedric Neugebauer and Jeff Seal.
    Synopsis: Two men are prodded into a brief consciousness by a stick.
  • Footfalls
    Director: Eve Hartmann.
    Cast: Cedric Neugebauer and Jeff Seal.
    Synopsis: A woman and her mother whisper of sufferings past and present as she paces her life away on a narrow strip of floor.
  • Play
    Director: Peter A. Campbell.
    Cast: Amanda Boekelheide, Morganne Davies, David A. Gordon and Gavin Starr Kendall.
    Synopsis: Lovers are imprisoned in urns and forced into confession by a beam of light.
    Director: Tim Lee.
    Cast: Milt Angelopoulos.
    Synopsis: Relates a man's desperate quest for truth before he must accept oblivion.

Set design by Rob Napoli, with costumes by Shima Ushiba, lighting by Michael O'Connor and sound by Fitz Gitler.

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