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Bald Diva! at The Red Room from 5 Feb 2004

Wed 24 Dec 2003 Bald Diva! at The Red Room from 5 Feb 2004 Bald Diva! by David Koteles, conceived by Jason Jacobs, with dramaturg Jamee Freedus, opens at The Red Room, 85 East 4th Street (Off Broadway) from 6 Feb to 3 Mar 2004. It is directed by Jason Jacobs, produced by Theatre Askew, design by Erik Flatmo, lighting by Charles Foster , with costumes by Dan Urlie. The cast includes: Tim Cusack, Gerald Marsini , Matthew Pritchard , Terrence Michael McCrossan , Jeffrey James Keyes, Nathan Blew Queer-Eyed boys get an absurdist makeover a la Eugene Ionesco in this tragical spectacle of la vie Chelsea, featuring sizzling firemen, probing detectives, saucy maids, steamroom escapades, provocative party games, low-rent musical numbers on fabulous cardboard sets, piping-hot celebrity dish, the latest fashion trends and beauty secrets, narrow escapes of reality, death-defying mental acrobatics and more Divas than you can shake your stick at!

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