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Baal at the Looking Glass Theatre

Bertolt Brecht's first play, Baal,translated by Eric Bentley, plays at the Looking Glass Theatre from 1 - 25 Mar 2007.

Baal lives in a world of pleasures without regret. Society and religion dictate that this is the wrong way to live. Baal lives outside the box and rejects its safety. Is it Baal's rejection of the 'rules' of society that causes his downward spiral or is it the 'rules' themselves?

In this production, a woman is cast in the title role. Is 'he/she' another one of life�s many boxes? Gender and sexuality in our society are still hot-button issues as people try to fit life into definitive boxes. 'Are you gay or straight?' 'How can one physically be female and feel male?' Why do we need these definitions so badly when it makes more sense to accept that a whole range of possibilities exists? We are STILL very gender specific. It must fit 'in the box.'

This production of Baal is in a different type of box. The theater itself is a dark, Weimar cabaret where the old German and new American freaks and artists converge to tell the story of a character who is a hero to some and a demon to others.

Directed by Charmian Creagle and choreographed by Amiti Perry, Baal features Lyndsey Anderson, Sara Jeanne Asselin, Jennifer Boehm, Jane Elliott, John Forkner, Kyle Haggerty, Melissa House, Jadelynn Stahl, and Kymberlie Stansell.

The creative team is comprised of Romanka Zajac (sets), Ryan Metzler (lights), Rien Schlecht (costumes) and Daniel Baker (sound).

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