Atlantic Theater: 2012/13 season announced

Signature Theatre have announced eight productions for its 2012-13 season


As previously announced, Tony Award-winning playwright David Henry Hwang is the 2012-13 Residency One playwright. Residency One is the continuation of Signature's core one-year Playwright-in-Residence program that produces a series of plays from the body of work of one accomplished writer.

The Residency One: David Henry Hwang Series will feature Golden Child directed by Leigh Silverman, The Dance and the Railroad directed by May Adrales, and the world premiere of Kung Fu, also directed by Leigh Silverman.

Signature's Legacy Program, a homecoming for past Signature Playwrights-in-Residence, will feature the world premiere of Sam Shepard's new play Heartless, directed by Daniel Aukin; a new work from Bill Irwin and David Shiner < (Broadway's 'Fool Moon'); a new production of the Pulitzer Prize-winning The Piano Lesson by August Wilson, directed by Ruben Santiago-Hudson; and a new production of the Obie Award-winning The Mound Builders.

Signature devoted its 1996-97 Season to Sam Shepard, producing his plays 'When the World Was Green' (co-written with Joseph Chaikin), 'Chicago,' 'The Tooth of Crime,' 'Action,' 'Killer's Head,' 'The Sad Lament of Pecos Bill on the Eve of Killing His Wife' and 'Curse of the Starving Class.' Shepard returned to Signature in the 2001-02 10th Anniversary Season for the New York premiere of 'The Late Henry Moss.'

Signature devoted its 2003-04 Season to Bill Irwin, producing his plays 'The Harlequin Studies,' 'The Regard Evening' and 'Mr. Fox: A Rumination.'

Signature's 2005-06 Season was devoted to the late August Wilson, with productions of his plays 'Seven Guitars,' 'Two Trains Running' and 'King Hedley II.'

Lanford Wilson was Signature's Playwright-in-Residence during the 2002-03 Season, when his plays 'Burn This,' 'Book of Days,' 'Fifth of July' and 'Rain Dance' were produced.

Signature's newest initiative, Residency Five, a program that provides a group of playwrights with the full range of Signature's resources for a period of five years to create and produce new work, and guarantees each playwright a minimum of three world premieres at The Pershing Square Signature Center. Residency Five enables a diverse community of playwrights to build bodies of work, and provides them with a significant cash award, full health benefits and a stipend to attend theatre. Annie Baker, Will Eno, Katori Hall, Kenneth Lonergan and Regina Taylor are the program's inaugural playwrights. The 2012-13 Season will feature the World Premiere of Regina Taylor's ---- and Potatoes.

Signature's 2012/2013 Season:

Residency One - David Henry Hwang Series

Golden Child
Playwright: David Henry Hwang
Director: Leigh Silverman
Cast: tba
Dates: 23 Oct - 2 Dec 2012
Venue: The Alice Griffin Jewel Box Theatre

Synopsis: In 1918, businessman Eng Tieng-Bin returns to his polygamous Chinese household after three years working abroad in the Philippines. As he seeks to introduce Western ways and a strange new religion - Christianity - to his traditional family, Tieng-Bin sets off a dangerous power struggle between his three wives, witnessed through the eyes of his favorite daughter.

Inspired by his own family history, David Henry Hwang's 1997 Obie Award-winning and 1998 Tony nominated Golden Child explores the often-painful process through which change comes to people and cultures.

The Dance and the Railroad
Playwright: David Henry Hwang
Director: May Adrales
Cast: tba
Dates: 5 Feb - 17 Mar 2013
Venue: The Romulus Linney Courtyard Theatre

Synopsis: On a California mountaintop in 1867 near the Transcontinental Railroad, Chinese 'Coolie' laborers strike to protest low wages and long hours. Faced with the 'Gold Mountain's' promises as well as its betrayals, two workers find their humanity in the theatrical traditions of their homeland.

One of his earliest plays, David Henry Hwang's The Dance and the Railroad uses the stagecraft of Chinese opera to tell its story.

Kung Fu
Playwright: David Henry Hwang
Director: Leigh Silverman
Cast: tba
Dates: tba (Expected Fall 2013
Venue: The Irene Diamond Stage

Synopsis: The play incorporates dance and music. A young martial artist comes to America from Hong Kong in the 1960's, with a dream as audacious as his talent: to become the biggest movie star in the world.

A world premiere production of a new play by David Henry Hwang.

Legacy Programme

Playwright: Sam Shepard
Director: Daniel Aukin
Cast: tba
Dates: 7 Aug - 16 Sep 2012
Venue: The Irene Diamond Stage

Synopsis: Sally lives with her mysterious family in a cavernous home overlooking Los Angeles. When a visitor arrives, Sally's dark secrets-- and the secrets of those around her-- threaten to come into the light.

A world premiere from the Pulitzer Prize-winning Sam Shepard, Signature's 1996-97 Playwright-in-Residence.

The Bill Irwin and David Shiner Project
Creator: Bill Irwin and David Shiner
Dates: 30 Oct - 9 Dec 2012
Venue: The Irene Diamond Stage

Synopsis: Bill Irwin reunites with fellow clown David Shiner for a new work combining magic, slapstick, and hilarity. Using music, technology, and movement, plus other tricks up their sleeves, Irwin and Shiner create another outing of theatre for a new generation of audiences.

This world premiere is the duo's first collaboration since Broadway show 'Fool Moon.'

The Piano Lesson
Playwright: August Wilson
Director: Ruben Santiago-Hudson
Cast: tba
Dates: 29 Jan - 10 Mar 2013
Venue: The Irene Diamond Stage

Synopsis: In Pittsburgh's Hill District in 1936, the Charles family battle their surroundings and each other over their shared legacy - an antique piano.

The fourth play of August Wilson's epic 'Century Cycle.' Wilson was the Signature's 2006-07 Playwright-in-Residence.

The Mound Builders
Playwright: Lanford Wilson
Director: Jo Bonney
Cast: tba
Dates: 23 Apr Apr - 2 Jun 2013
Venue: The Romulus Linney Courtyard Theatre

Synopsis: A team of archeologists descends on an Indiana town to unearth the mysteries of the Mound Builders. As they excavate the remains of this Native American civilization, they confront powerful and dangerous forces of ambition and legacy.

2002-03 Playwright-in-Residence Lanford Wilson's drama of class, culture and gender clash won the 1975 Obie Award for Distinguished Playwriting.

Residency Five

---- and Potatoes
Playwright: Regina Taylor
Director: tba
Cast: tba
Dates: 30 Apr - 9 Jun 2013
Venue: The Alice Griffin Jewel Box Theatre

Synopsis: Chicago book publisher William Ames loves the challenge and stability of his daily crossword puzzle, but now he must face the real-life challenge of how to adapt his business in the rapidly changing digital age. Struggling to find his purpose in the world, William begins to look for clues of his own identity as a husband, businessman, and an African-American.

World Premiere - this new play from Residency Five playwright Regina Taylor, ---- and Potatoes asks how we stay true to ourselves and our history in a time when knowledge is fast becoming a fluid commodity.

David H. HwangSam ShephardBill IrwinAugust WilsonLanford WilsonRegina Taylor

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