'Amerika' at the Mazer Theatre

The Redux Theatre Company present Amerika, written by Alexander Poe, based on the novel by Franz Kafka, at the Mazer Theatre from the 12 - 25 Aug 2005, as part of the Ninth New York International Fringe Festival.

Amerikais a farcical journey through the mind of wrier, Franz Kafka. Tired of his suffocating life in Prague where he's forced to endure his overbearing father, sadistic coworkers, and a con artists named Zoltan. Kafta decides to start a new novel, but finds himself in over his head when he discovershe's trapped in the world of his own novel.

Amerika's cast features Noah Bean, Ben Correale, Katie Honaker, Jesse Hooker, Toby Lawless, Anthony Nelson and Chris Thorn. Amerika is directed by Alexander Poe & Joseph Varca, with costumes by Carol Bonds.


Alexander Poe (Writer/co-Director) has directed several productions at the Williamstown Theatre Festival Workshop including 'Adrenalin,' 'Frank's Wild Years' as well as an adaptation of 'City of Glass'' (by Paul Auster), and Lord of the Flies'.

Joseph Varca (co-Director) has composed original scores that have been featured in the Redux productions, 'City of Glass,' 'System Shock' and 'Concentration City.' With AMERIKA he will be working through the artist company Robert Roberts to evoke Kafka's world.

Redux Productions is a company dedicated to creating new plays, both original and adapted and was founded by Alexander Poe & Joseph Varca at Middlebury College. Together, they have produced adaptations of Albert Camus J,G, Ballard, Paul Auster and even a Tom Waits album.

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