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Photo credit: The Play That Goes Wrong (Photo courtesy of production)

All the Off-Broadway Cyber Monday theatre tickets

Discover all the Off-Broadway ticket deals available for Cyber Monday.

Gillian Russo
Gillian Russo

The holiday shopping season is in full swing, and just in time for the occasion, Cyber Monday deals are here so you can buy tickets for every theatre lover on your list. For a limited time, you can save on theatre tickets to some of New York’s biggest hits and new hidden gems.

If there’s a new show you’ve wanted to see, or you want to finally check something like the opera off your bucket list, there’s no better time to get your tickets. Check out the best Cyber Monday theatre ticket deals for Off-Broadway shows below, and browse even more Cyber Monday offerings for Broadway shows.

The Cyber Monday tickets have now ended. Take a look at the offerings we had in 2022, and look forward to 2023!

A Sherlock Carol

This mashup of two classic stories is a beloved new theatre tradition, now back off Broadway for another holiday season. In this tale, detective Sherlock Holmes gets a visit from the ghosts of Christmas Past, Present, and Future while investigating Scrooge's death, teaching Holmes a little something about Christmas spirit(s).

Get Cyber Monday A Sherlock Carol tickets now.

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Asi Wind's Inner Circle

Welcome to the Inner Circle, an intimate magic show by master illusionist Asi Wind. Though he seemingly invites audiences in close and welcomes them into his tricks, you'll still be left wondering how he pulled his tricks off.

Get Cyber Monday Asi Wind's Inner Circle tickets now.

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Cocktail Magique

This revue by Company XIV is a revue featuring magic acts, burlesque, dance, opera, acrobatics, and much more all centered around the endless possibilities of libations. Get in the spirit and experience Cocktail Magique.

Get Cyber Monday Cocktail Magique tickets now.

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Camp Siegfried

Spend a few hours at a lush Long Island summer camp — but all isn't as it seems there. As two teenagers fall in love for the first time at camp, they're also subtly being indoctrinated into fascism. This cautionary tale is inspired by the harrowing history of real-life camps from the World War II era.

Get Cyber Monday Camp Siegfried tickets now.

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Colin Quinn: Small Talk

You'll have lots to chat about after seeing Colin Quinn's newest comedy show. In a departure from Quinn's trademark political humor, Small Talk is all about Quinn; he gives expert advice on how to be charismatic based on a lifetime of chatting with friends, family, and counter employees.

Get Cyber Monday Colin Quinn: Small Talk tickets now.

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Drunk Shakespeare

To booze or not to booze? That is the question, for audiences at least, at Drunk Shakespeare. Five actors, one of whom is drunk, attempts to perform a Shakespeare play, and comedy inevitably ensues. Audiences have the option to join in the fun and drink during the show, too.

Get Cyber Monday Drunk Shakespeare tickets now.

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You'll feel euphoria once you get tickets to this unique film installation. Euphoria is all about capitalism, colonialism, and the effects of economic growth on the people. Diverse content abounds, from symphony music to filmed scenes to poetry inspired by quotes from people ranging from Snoop Dogg to Warren Buffet.

Get Cyber Monday Euphoria tickets now.

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Evanston Salt Costs Climbing

Don't wait until costs climb to see Pulitzer Prize finalist Will Arbery's latest play, Evanston Salt Costs Climbing. Two salt truck drivers fear for the end of their jobs, but while trying to distract themselves during their shift, they discover that something even scarier might be lurking in the streets.

Get Cyber Monday Evanston Salt Costs Climbing tickets now.

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Fiddler on the Roof in Yiddish

You don't have to be a rich man to catch the return engagement of this acclaimed revival. English and Russian supertitles are provided for non-Yiddish speakers, but audiences are guaranteed to recognize the beloved story of a milkman and his family in the shtetl of Anatevka, featuring songs like "Tradition" and "Matchmaker, Matchmaker."

Get Cyber Monday Fiddler on the Roof tickets now.

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Friends! The Musical Parody

So no one told you life was gonna be this way — that is, that Friends would become a musical. Join Phoebe, Ross, Rachel, Monica, Chandler, and Joey on a new adventure in Manhattan, set to comic songs that spoof on all of the show's fans' favorite moments.

Get Cyber Monday Friends! The Musical Parody tickets now.

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Julianne Hough in Concert

Emmy Award winner Julianne Hough made her Broadway debut in POTUS earlier this year, and now she's returning to the New York stage with a holiday concert for four nights only. With song, dance, and storytelling, the Dancing With the Stars pro celebrates the unique magic of New York during the holiday season.

Get Cyber Monday Julianne Hough in Concert tickets now.

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Little Shop of Horrors

Get Little Shop of Horrors tickets and go somewhere that's green. In this cult classic horror comedy, a flower shop worker makes a deal with a flesh-eating plant in exchange for fame and fortune, but soon the plant, and its appetite, quickly grows out of control.

Get Cyber Monday Little Shop of Horrors tickets now.

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This new play puts audiences into the shoes of those living in shelters, with the audience seated among the performers at Park Avenue Armory. Drawing from interviews and firsthand accounts collected over months of immersion, Alexander Zeldin's play investigates the cracks in the welfare system and the struggles, and love, in people's everyday lives.

Get Cyber Monday Love tickets now.

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Nutcracker Rouge

This twist on the classic Christmas story is more naughty than nice. Nutcracker Rouge, for audiences 21+, is a sexy burlesque adaptation of The Nutcracker, with drinks and snacks available for audiences to fully indulge in all the Land of Sweets has to offer.

Get Cyber Monday Nutcracker Rouge tickets now.

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This new one-woman thriller by David Cale asks how far one will go for love. The title character's best friend goes missing in Mexico, and when she travels to look for him, she finds herself falling in love and also into danger.

Get Cyber Monday Sandra tickets now.

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Stranger Sings! The Parody Musical

Ever wished the demogorgons in Stranger Things would sing, or that Barb got more airtime after immediately being killed off? Stranger Sings! The Parody Musical delivers on both these counts and more. All the main characters from the hit Netflix series are there, and this version of their adventures leans into '80s camp and satire, complete with hilarious original songs.

Get Cyber Monday Stranger Sings! The Parody Musical tickets now.

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The Far Country

The Far Country is playwright Lloyd Suh's Off-Broadway follow-up to The Chinese Lady, which received rave reviews in the spring. This play, also a tale of a journey from China to America, takes place in the wake of the Chinese Exclusion Act. One family defies the law and embarks on the dangerous trek to California.

Get Cyber Monday The Far Country tickets now.

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The Metropolitan Opera

If you think opera is inaccessible, think again. Not only are there great prices on tickets for multiple operas, but these operas are as diverse as any other type of theatre: family-friendly fairytales performed in English, uproarious comedies, and classical dramas. There's something for everyone at the opera this season.

Get Cyber Monday Metropolitan Opera tickets now.

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The Patient Gloria

Based on 1965's movie trio Three Approaches to Psychotherapy, or The Gloria Films, Gina Moxley's new play is an examination of therapy, desire, and misogyny. The show investigates the history of how female power and ambition has been dismissed as hysterical and incorporates lived experience, reenactments, and filmed footage.

Get Cyber Monday The Patient Gloria tickets now.

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The Play That Goes Wrong

The Play That Goes Wrong is doing everything right, having run in New York for more than five years. Experience the only show where falling sets, missed lines, and runaway actors are a good thing — in fact, all the mishaps are part of the comedy that will keep you in stitches for two hours.

Get Cyber Monday The Play That Goes Wrong tickets now.

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The Wanderers

Katie Holmes stars in this new play at Roundabout Theatre Company. The Wanderers sees a Jewish man's future turn upside down when he receives an email from a movie star (Holmes). His marriage is tested, and his story is put in parallel with a newlywed Orthodox Jewish couple. The play begs the question of whether it's possible to be truly happy with what one has.

Get Cyber Monday The Wanderers tickets now.

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Climb aboard the Ship of Dreams at Titanique. Though the boat still sinks, this production floats on waves of laughter and camp. This musical is set to the hits of Celine Dion, and she's also on hand to narrate what really happened to Jack and Rose on the ship. You'll never see the classic film the same way again.

Get Cyber Monday Titanique tickets now.

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You Will Get Sick

You Will Get Sick is no ordinary medical drama — Noah Diaz's new play is an absurd, moving, and often humorous work about the joys and annoyances of having a body. Linda Lavin stars as a woman hired by a young man to tell his loved ones he's sick, and their unlikely partnership changes both their lives.

Get Cyber Monday You Will Get Sick tickets now.

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