A Perfect Future announces full cast

Tony Award-winning producer Andy Sandberg ('Hair,' 'The Last Smoker in America') has announced the full cast for the world premiere of David Hay's A Perfect Future, directed by Tony Award-nominee Wilson Milam (The Lieutenant of Inishmore).

The four-member cast features Donna Bullock (Ragtime, "Against the Grain") as 'Natalie,' Scott Drummond (Hamlet, "All My Children") as 'Mark,' Daniel Oreskes (Billy Elliot, The Miracle Worker) as 'Elliot' and Michael T. Weiss (The Elaborate Entrance of Chad Deity, "The Pretender") as 'John.'

At its core, A Perfect Future explores the question of whether people can be married and truly love each other when their political persuasions are diametrically opposed.

Set in 2005, the action takes place in the apartment of two well heeled New Yorkers, 'Natalie' and 'John,' who are hosting a dinner for 'Elliot,' a friend from their days as college radicals. Also invited to the party is 'Mark,' a straight-laced young man from John's risk management firm. Over the course of a raucous evening filled with wine and merriment, their basic belief systems are upended, as the four must come to terms with each other's true politics and behavior.

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