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4F: The New Class at the Laurie Beechman Theater

The Gossip Factory presents 4F: The New Class, written, directed and performed by The Gossip Factory, opening at the Laurie Beechman Theater from 13 Sep - 25 Oct 2007.

4F: The New Class: Takes audiences on an emotional journey back to the glorious days of book reports and bus rides, hall passes and history, puberty and, of course, P.E. Watch as the kids of Halliburton Middle School face all the trials and tribulations of middle class bourgeois life and the struggle to achieve the American Dream of today's youth. These all-too familiar faces rush through their day to the patriotic rhythm of their blue-blooded hearts as they confront issues of racism, sexism, draft-dodging, pro-life rallies, homophobia and more.

The Gossip Factory members are Andrew P. Ballard, Ariella Beth Bowden, Leigh Diveris, Sarah Elliott, Keith Foster, Natasha Gavin, Brian McCarthy and Ryan McWilliams.

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