The Mousetrap on Broadway Tickets

The Mousetrap on Broadway Tickets

Solve a murder mystery at the Broadway premiere of London's longest-running show.
The Mousetrap on Broadway: What to expect - 1
The Mousetrap on Broadway Tickets

About The Mousetrap on Broadway

The world's longest-running play makes its Broadway debut after 70 years bringing suspense to London's West End. Check back for information about Agatha Christie's The Mousetrap tickets on New York Theatre Guide.

The Mousetrap play is a whodunnit, in which a group of snowed-in guests at a boarding house are suspected of a widow's mysterious murder. Everyone has secrets, but only one is the killer, and it's up to Detective Sergeant Trotter — and the audience — to figure out who it is.

Christie first wrote The Mousetrap as a radio play titled Three Blind Mice, based partly on a real-life case of a man who killed his abusive mother. That version was first broadcast in 1947, and the stage version premiered in 1952.

Richard Attenborough and his then-wife Sheila Sim led the original Mousetrap cast in London, but since then, the biggest star involved has been its author. Christie is known as the Queen of Crime for her 70-plus murder mystery books, short stories, and plays, such as Murder on the Orient Express, Death on the Nile, and Witness for the Prosecution.

The Mousetrap has appeared once before in New York: off Broadway for six months from 1960-61. The show has never, however, played on Broadway. The Mousetrap received new attention stateside with the release of the 2022 whodunnit film See How They Run, starring Sam Rockwell and Saiorse Ronan. The movie is set at The Mousetrap in London and includes multiple characters and plot points loosely based on Christie's play.

How long has The Mousetrap been running?

The Mousetrap has run in London's West End since 1952. Christie predicted The Mousetrap wouldn't last more than eight months, but the show has gone on to be the longest-running play in the West End and the world, having run continuously since 1952, with the exception of one year amid the pandemic. More than 10 million people have seen the London production across more than 29,000 performances and counting.

How long is The Mousetrap play?

The Mousetrap in New York runs approximately 2 hours and 30 minutes. The run time includes an intermission.

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Run time

2hr 20min. Incl. 20min intermission.


Ages 7+.

The Mousetrap on Broadway cast and creative team

By: Agatha Christie

More information about The Mousetrap on Broadway

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Show schedule

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Frequently asked questions

What is The Mousetrap on Broadway about?

The longest-running play in London's West End is finally making its Broadway debut. In Agatha Christie's murder mystery, a group of vacationers' true identities come to light when they realize a murderer is in their midst. Learn more about tickets to this thrilling classic, and try to solve the mystery at this show that'll leave you guessing until the end.

How long is The Mousetrap on Broadway?

The running time of The Mousetrap on Broadway is 2hr 20min. Incl. 20min intermission.

What's the age requirement for The Mousetrap on Broadway?

The recommended age for The Mousetrap on Broadway is Ages 7+..

How do you book tickets for The Mousetrap on Broadway?

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Tickets for this event are currently not available. Check back soon.

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