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Be My Thief Tickets

Be My Thief Tickets

New York
14 Dec 2022 - 8 Jan 2023
This new horror play turns returning to in-person work on its head.

BE MY THIEF follows a married couple, Mira and Sam, whose lives are transformed after Mira returns to the office after a long period of working from home. When Mira comes home after her first day back, her husband Sam is suddenly, bizarrely convinced that she has been replaced by some kind of lookalike or duplicate. He’s so frightened of this seeming impostor that he flees their home and stays in a hotel.

In desperation, Mira tracks down a highly unconventional therapist named Dr. Latham, who specifically treats people suffering from Sam’s apparent delusion. But once they’ve committed to Latham’s intensive, exhausting process, Sam and Mira find themselves revealing buried truths that will transform their entire lives. Now this passive, ordinary couple will have to lunge headlong into a mystery that has implications not only for their marriage, but for the larger world around them.

A genre-blurring psychological thriller infused with plenty of creepiness and humor, BE MY THIEF is the newest play from the writer (Mac Rogers) and director (Jordana Williams) of the critically acclaimed theater cycle THE HONEYCOMB TRILOGY and the hit fiction podcast STEAL THE STARS. Over a breakneck 55 minutes, BE MY THIEF takes an unpredictable deep-dive into questions of identity, privacy, marriage, exploitation… and the fear (after being at home for so long) of going outside.

Run time

60 mins

Opening date

December 14th, 2022

Closing date

January 8th, 2023




SoHo Playhouse



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