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The Stakeout Tickets

The Stakeout Tickets

New York
25 Nov 2022 - 26 Dec 2022
Two men are on a stakeout...of two men on get it.

A comedy/drama about two men on a stakeout of two men on a stakeout of them. Fresh, funny, & fearless. A head trip about fathers, sons, and one’s sense of self. Wild, dramatically ambitious, and disorienting in the best possible way. The best new play of the year. “4.5 STARS: A phenomenal story told with impeccable cadence.” -Winnipeg Free Press. “Biting humor and remarkably poignant.” -Calgary Herald. “5 STARS: The Stakeout is comedy and drama, magic and wonder, all wrapped up in one of the best performances of the year.” -Edmonton Journal.

Sitting in a van, two FBI agents conduct a stakeout of another van, one in which they bear witness to a dramatic family moment. It’s one that exactly mirrors their own personal histories, and which they must now confront as they continue their surveillance of the van. The question, though, of who’s surveilling whom becomes evermore uncertain once it’s revealed they are attempting to bust an operation that’s producing a new street drug called Empathy, a narcotic that makes its users see everything from everyone else’s point of view.

Run time

70 minutes

Opening date

November 25th, 2022

Closing date

December 26th, 2022