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What the popular press said...

BEN BRANTLEY for NEW YORK TIMES says, "You're going to like it. A lot."

JOE DZIEMIANOWICZ for NEW YORK DAILY says, "With Fisher's winning wit and gift for gab you're glad to sit around and laugh with her for a couple of hours."

ELISABETH VINCENTELLI for NEW YORK POST says, "While the actress-turned-author is handy with a quip, Wishful Drinking quickly wears thin.

JOHN SIMON for BLOOMBERG says, "It is like a head charming in profile, but seen full face rather plain and even slightly vulgar."

ELYSA GARDNER for USA TODAY says, "A perfectly pleasant trifle — nothing that requires or inspires great emotional commitment, but fine for a one-night stand."

LINDA WINER for NEWSDAY says, "Samuel Beckett said 'Nothing is funnier than unhappiness' and Carrie Fisher is here to prove he's still right."

DAVID SHEWARD for BACK STAGE says, "Tony Taccone's staging never flags and Fisher never fails to keep us from chuckling at the insanity of her life"

MICHAEL KUCHWARA for ASSOCIATED PRESS says, "Chock-full of funny, fascinating tales."

DAVID ROONEY for VARIETY says, "Packs enough laughs to satisfy on its own terms. But those terms are that of a superior standup act, not a full-bodied theatrical experience."

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