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The Story Of My Life

"In addition to jettisoning the usual excesses of tourist-trapping extravaganzas, they have tossed away such niceties as originality, credibility, tension and excitement. "
Ben Brantley
New York Times

"To its credit, the show has heart, and Bartram's lyrics are nimble. On the minus side, the plot is repetitive, clich�d (the notion that small towns are for losers and cities are for winners, for instance) and tilts toward treacle"
Joe Dziemianowicz
New York Daily News

"A two-man show as skimpy in artistry as it is in production values.
Frank Scheck
New York Post

"The collaborators... come as close to nothing as is humanly possible."
John Simon

"banal, improbable and unrelentingly derivative. And boring? Please." Linda Winner

"It's not the size of the show that works against it. Vest-pocket tuners can have as much impact as any big-budget blockbuster. The trouble is that Brian Hill's book and Neil Bartram's score are so lightweight and derivative they have all the impact of a Hallmark card."
David Sheward
Back Stage

"an intelligent musical with a warm heart" & "doesn�t have a lot of bells and whistles, but it�s humane, sincere, bright and funny"
Robert Feldberg
The Record

"a heartfelt little musical that has the courage of its sweet-tempered, low-key convictions. These days, that's a novelty." & "Bartram's lyrics are nimble, often intricate but never too complicated for his spare melodic lines that often feel as if they are an homage to the reigning king of Broadway, Stephen Sondheim."
Michael Kuchwara
Associated Press

"it's a delicately-drawn ode to friendship, a lyrical poem really that feels so deeply personal, it runs the risk of getting swallowed up in a big Broadway house."
Roma Torre

"This flavorless new musical is not exactly terrible, but it's not terribly interesting, either, which makes you wonder why its producers thought it belonged on Broadway. Whatever the reason, it's unlikely to be staying long."
David Rooney

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