Shatner's World: We Just Live in It

  • Our critic's rating:
    February 1, 2012

    "Chatty, digressive and often amusing."
    Ben Brantley for NY Times

    "There’s no structure, flow or overarching theme during its 90 minutes, so it meanders. Like my attention."
    Joe Dziemianowicz for NY Daily News

    "More entertaining than it has any right to be."
    Elisabeth Vincentelli for New York Post

    "Entertaining narcissism."
    David Sheward for Back Stage

    "Loose-knit, fairly funny solo show."
    Robert Feldberg for The Record

    "Shatner is genteel, funny and an amusing storyteller."
    David Cote for Time Out NY

    "A pleasant 100-minute stroll down memory lane in this strictly fans-only attraction."
    Michael Sommers for Newsroom Jersey

    "Engagingly hammy and funny raconteur that only the most curmudgeonly will begrudge him this celebration of his life and career."
    Frank Scheck for The Hollywood Reporter

    "Might be pulled together from anecdotal scraps, but it gets by with humor and good-natured charm."
    Steven Suskin for Variety

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