Private Lives

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    December 1, 2011

    What the popular press said...

    "Bubbly pleasures forever on tap in 'Private Lives.'"
    Ben Brantley for New York Times

    "Not nearly frothy enough to make this wickedly romantic comedy sparkle."
    Joe Dziemianowicz for New York Daily News

    "Humdrum new revival."
    Elisabeth Vincentelli for New York Post

    "Director Richard Eyre['s] ... tiresome insistence on naturalistic acting rooted in emotional truth pretty much does the current Broadway production in."
    Erik Haagensen for Back Stage

    "The evening falls short in both edge and passion."
    Robert Feldberg for The Record

    "This is not the best production. But it is a winning one."
    Roma Torre for NY1

    "The comedy registers as flatly as a cheap bottle of champagne."
    Michael Sommers for Newsroom Jersey

    "Crisp production."
    David Rooney for Hollywood Reporter

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