• Date:
    October 1, 2005

    Created and written by: Rick Najera
    Directed by: Cheech Marin
    Cast: Rick Najera, Eugenio Derbez, Rene Levan, Shirley Rumierk.
    Synopsis: A collection of comedic and poignant monologues, performed in English, revealing the Latino experience in America.

    What the critics had to say.....

    CHARLES ISHERWOOD of the NEW YORK TIMES says �Mr. Najera and his compadres can skillfully sling one-liners, but the characters he has cooked up to transmit them are neither fresh nor fully realized.�
    HOWARD KISSEL of the NEW YORK DAILY NEWS says "Filled with ribald spirits, incredible energy and great talent."
    ELYSA GARDNER of USATODAY says "In truth, while non-Spanish-speaking fans may miss a few references in Latinologues, much of Najera's material is too patently affectionate, or hokey, to rile anyone."
    MICHAEL SOMMERS of STAR-LEDGER says "From the looks of it, "Latinologues" appears destined to hit the road again, pronto."
    JACQUES LE SOURD of the Journal News says "Still, there's no doubt that "Latinologues" is stuffed with gags. If it can find its audience, the show might work."
    LINDA WINER of NEWYORK NEWSDAY says "Nor, unfortunately, is it likely to be as broadly amusing as its personable performers appear to believe it is."
    MICHAEL KUCHWARA of ASSOCIATED PRESS says "Latinologues" doesn't dig very deep into the personal. It settles for the easy sitcom laugh, a mistake in any language."

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