Wittenberg at NY City Center from 11 Mar - 17 Apr

The Pearl Theatre presents the NY premiere of David Davalos's comedy, Wittenberg, opening at NY City Center Stage II on 20 Mar 2011, following previews from 11 Mar, and running through to 17 Apr 2011.

Directed by J.R. Sullivan, Wittenberg stars Sean McNall (Hamlet), Scott Greer (Dr. Faustus), Chris Mixon (Martin Luther) and Joey Parsons (The Eternal Feminine).

Wittenberg: Set at Wittenberg University in 1517 (the year Martin Luther posted his 95 Theses and sparked the Protestant Reformation), the play pits professors Doctor John Faustus and the Reverend Martin Luther against each other in a struggle for the mind and allegiance of their star pupil Prince Hamlet of Denmark. The play’s spirited debate of faith versus reason drives each character to break from the paths of their lives, driving them to ultimate fame - or infamy.

Wittenberg premiered at Philadelphia’s Arden Theatre Company in 2008, a production directed by J.R. Sullivan.

Director J.R. Sullivan says, “This is a comedy drawn from several classics, sharpened to an immediate relevance. David Davalos pulls off a dramatic hat trick, with his Hamlet, Faustus, and Martin Luther all scoring their points with comic verve.”

The design team includes Jo Winiarski (set), Liz Covey (costume), Stephen Petrilli (lighting) and Shane Rettig (sound).