Suburban Peepshow at The Red Room

Nosedive Productions presents Suburban Peepshow, by James Comtois, at the Red Room from 5 - 28 Apr 2007.

Suburban Peepshow is a comedy about modern suburban life�althoough, not really. After Jack, a cross-dressing social deviant, gets laid off from the office, Bill, a good upstanding citizen and father and family man, tries to get Jack's job in order to buy an in-ground swimming pool for his son and new dishtowels for the missus. Meanwhile a New Girl at said office has designs for Bill and vice versa. As Bill and New Girl have their affair, will Bill's wife have relations with the Pool Guy, or her ineffectual Therapist?

Directed by Pete Boisvert, Suburban Peepshow features Anthony Bertram, Pete Boisvert, Zack Calhoon, James Comtois, Rebecca Comtois, Mick Hilgers, Leslie E. Hughes, Anna Kull, Cat Johnson, Marc Landers, Patrick Shearer, Ben VandenBoom, Stephanie Williams and Christopher Yustin.

Set design by Lauren DiGiulio, with sound by Pete Boisvert.