Smoke and Mirrors at the Flea Theater

Flea Theater presents Smoke and Mirrors, opening at the Flea Theater on the 27 Apr 2007, following previews from 18 Apr and running through to 2 Jun 2007.

Smoke and Mirrors: Anita is worried. But not about Chad and Drew, the Parliament Light guys in the blood-stained lab coats. Not about Terry, the Kool dude from shipping. Not about Estelle, over in the corner with the Benson and Hedges. Not even about Moses and Tammie, the duo from security who favor Old Gold. Anita is worried about just getting out of the building. Set in the break room of an ominously undefined workplace, the play follows a handful of employees over the course of a seemingly normal work day - complete with bad cafeteria food, inept bosses, inappropriate emails, racist co-workers and so much more...

Directed by Nick Faust, Smoke and Mirrors features Ben Horner, Susan Hyon, Jason Dirden, Aurelia Lavizzo, Parrish Hurley, Stas May, and Tina Alexis Allen.

Set design by Neal Wilkinson, with costumes by Elizabeth R. Payne, lighting by Joshua Higgason and sound by Brandon Wolcott.