Jamie...Another Side of Dean at PMT Dance Studio

Veritas Productions presents Jamie...Another Side of Dean, by George R. Carr, at PMT Dance Studio from 19 Apr - 26 May 2007.

Jamie...Another Side of Dean: A surrealist drama that explores the life and death of American icon James Dean. On the first anniversary of his untimely death, James Dean reappears to his former dance teacher Eartha Kitt and beseeches her to take him on a spiritual journey through his short life. Along the way, he is reunited with his mother, who died when he was a young boy; his father and two archetypal characters, The Guy and The Girl. Will Jamie, as he was known to Eartha, finally be freed of fulfilling the earthly desires and dreams of others and himself? Will he find another side of life?

Directed by George R. Carr and choreographed by Ned Williams, Jamie...Another Side of Dean features Mark McCullough Thomas, Courtney J. Allen, Denise Fiore, Jonathan Holtzman, Natalia Klimas and Derrick Brenner.