Bianca Marroquin

Bianca Marroquin starred as 'Daniela' from 12 Jun - 15 Aug 2010 in the Broadway musical In the Heights which played from 9 Mar 2008 - 9 Jan 2011 at the Richard Rodgers Theatre.

January 15th.

Place of birth?
Monterrey, Mexico.

You now live in?
South Orange, NJ.

Did you go to training school, if so which one?
Bellas Artes Academy in Brownsvill, Texas.

As an actor, do you have a preference for stage, TV or film?
I think it's exciting to experience everything. Though stage will always complete me, haha.

Your first stage performance was?
My first ballet recital when I was 3 years old in Matamoros, Mexico.

Career highlight to date?
Crossing over from Mexico to Broadway with the role of 'Roxie Hart' in 'Chicago' in 2002.

What roles would you most like to play?
Tripple threat roles! a lot of dancing, singing and acting.

What's the best advice you have ever received?

What has been your most embarrassing moment on stage?
Sound of Music, Mexico City, 2009, as Maria Rainer: while running for the hills opposite direction of the turning table, stepped on my dress, slipt, cought air and slammed down on my but. For a moment I was the flying nun. Continued song laughing. Thank God audience, after looking terrified, laughed with me and gave me a standing ovation at the end of the song. heehee.

What is the most annoying part about your job?
Honestly, I can't think of anything annoying about my job :)

Briefly tell us how you become involved with In the Heights?
They asked to audition me for Daniela last year for the touring company and I was already busy with Chicago Tour. They called back at the beginning of this year to ask if I was interested in taking over Daniela for the Summer! Timing was perfect and I was thrilled it came back to me.

Briefly tell us about the character you play in In the Heights?
Daniela is the owner of a beauty salon in Washington Heights. She's funny, high spirited, tough and exciting. Whenever a hard situation hits the neighborhood she reminds people where they came from, why they got there in the first place, what they are fighting for and lifts their spirits. All this with great style!! haha.

If you had not become a performer, what might you have done instead?
A Painter.

If you could meet anyone in the world dead or alive who would it be and what would you say to them?
Bob Fosse. and I'd say Thank You!

Favorite after-show haunts?
Chocolate cake.

What was the last book you read, and name some of your favorite authors?
Like Water for Chocolate by Laura Esquivel.

What was the last film you saw, and name some of your favorite movies?
Airbender. Kick Ass, Empire Records, Pretty in Pink, Terms of Endierment, Victor Victoria.

Favorite TV programs?
So You Think You Can Dance, Medium, Madmen.

Favorite holiday destinations?

Do you have any hobbies?
Play piano and guitar, write songs. Hope one day that hobby will turn into an album.

Do you have any superstitions?
I believe in Karma, what goes around comes around so be good to others and always wish well.

If you were stranded on a desert island, what three items would you take with you?
My husband, my guitar and chocolate cake.

What are your future plans?
Keep fighting, keep searching, keep growing, keep dancing, keep singing, keep telling stories and touching peoples hearts.