A guide to booster shot policies at New York theatres

Find out which Broadway theatres are requiring patrons to have booster shots.

Amid recent performance cancellations at multiple Broadway shows, there has been increased discussion of how to best protect audiences, performers, and theatre staff from Covid-19 at Broadway shows. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have recommended that all adults get a Covid-19 booster shot in addition to the standard vaccine in order to prevent the spread of Covid-19, including the Omicron variant. As such, some theatres are looking into adding booster shots into their vaccination requirements.

Broadway and Off-Broadway shows require audiences to be fully vaccinated — either through a one-dose vaccine, or both doses of a two-dose vaccine. We've outlined what has been announced so far about booster shot policies at New York theatres, and this article will be continually updated with new information.

What does "fully vaccinated" mean for a Broadway show?

As of now, "fully vaccinated" means having received a one-dose vaccine, or the second dose of a two-dose vaccine, 14 days prior to the performance, and "fully vaccinated" does not yet include boosters. However, per the CDC's recommendation and the rise of Covid-19 cases in New York, this is subject to change.

Are Broadway shows requiring booster shots?

Broadway theatres are not currently requiring audiences or staff to have a booster shot to attend performances. In a December 15 statement to Broadway News, Broadway League president Charlotte St. Martin said, "We are speaking with our unions about establishing a process to make sure that all of our eligible employees get a booster shot.” However, no requirements have been set, and neither the League nor the New York City government have made a statement regarding booster policies for Broadway audiences.

All Broadway audiences are still required to be fully vaccinated and wear masks at all times in the theatre. Learn more about Broadway vaccine requirements and Broadway vaccine policies for kids.

What New York theatres are requiring booster shots?

Below are listed all New York theatres with booster shot requirements to attend performances. This article will be continually updated as theatres announce or change their requirements in light of the Omicron variant or other changes to the state of the pandemic in New York City.

The Metropolitan Opera

From January 17, The Metropolitan Opera is requiring all audiences and staff to have received a booster shot in order to enter the venue. The Met was the first venue to announce such a policy.

At this time, no other venues in the Lincoln Center complex require boosters to attend performances.

The Public Theater

The Public Theater is requiring all audiences to present proof of a booster dose, in addition to full vaccination, from January 21 until further notice. This policy will be enforced at all of the Public's productions in each of its performance spaces.

New York City Center

New York City Center is requiring all audiences, casts, crews, and theatre staff to have received a booster shot for shows from January 31 onward. The policy applies to all adults and all eligible children, and to shows at all of the venue's performance spaces.

Carnegie Hall

Beginning February 14, Carnegie Hall will require audiences to present proof of a booster dose, in addition to full vaccination, in order to attend performances. All audiences will also be asked to agree to a Covid-19 liability waiver upon arrival.

MCC Theater

MCC Theater is requiring all theatregoers to present proof of full vaccination and a booster, if eligible, from January 21 onward. The venue is allowing a one-month "grace period" for a person to receive the booster from when they become eligible. In addition, no one without proof of full vaccination, for whatever reason, may attend a performance at MCC Theater until further notice.

Signature Theatre

Signature Theatre, which operates the Pershing Square Signature Center, requires audiences to provide proof of full Covid-19 vaccination and a booster shot from March 1 onward. The policy applies to shows at all the venue's performance spaces.

Park Avenue Armory

Park Avenue Armory is requiring all theatregoers to present proof of full vaccination and a booster, if eligible. Those still ineligible may attend performances provided they are otherwise fully vaccinated, having received their regular final dose two weeks prior to the performance.

Photo credit: Brano via Unsplash