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Trainspotting Live

Trainspotting Live announces off-Broadway closing date

The immersive stage adaptation of Trainspotting will play its final performance at Roy Arias Stages on January 19, 2019.

Tom Millward
Tom Millward

Trainspotting Live - the immersive stage adaptation of Irvine Welsh's Trainspotting - is set to end its off-Broadway premiere engagement at Roy Arias Stages on January 19, 2019. Previews began on July 5, 2018, ahead of an official opening on July 15, and, upon closing, the production will have played a total of 10 previews and 135 regular performances.

Adapted for the stage by Harry Gibson, Trainspotting Live is directed by Adam Spreadbury-Maher, in collaboration with Greg Esplin.

Synopsis: "Set against a dynamic soundscape of 80's dance music, Trainspotting Live takes an insightful and brutally honest look at friends, Mark Renton, Tommy, Sick Boy, Begbie and Allison as they live and struggle through the Edinburgh heroin epidemic. This raw and gritty 75-minute stage experience, offers a real-life look at the effects of addiction, and all its highs and lows, while bringing to life the classic novel and globally successful film with humor, poetry, and provocatively graphic staging. Drawing strong parallels to the opioid crisis ravaging small towns and cities across America, Welsh's enduring story and characters exposes the heart of the issue and demonstrates the nondiscriminatory nature of the disease. A beautifully disgusting production that holds nothing back, Trainspotting Live is a must see for avid fans of the film and, for Trainspotting-virgins, it provides a powerfully entertaining experience you won't soon forget!"

First published in 1993 as a novel, the characters were immortalized by Danny Boyle in his groundbreaking 1996 film adaptation. A sequel - "T2 Trainspotting" - was released in 2017.

The cast of Trainspotting Live includes Liam Akpan (as Sick Boy), Andrew Barrett (as Renton), Tom Chandler (as Begpie), Lauren Downie (as June), Josh Goulding (as Tommy), Pia Hagen (as Allison), and Oliver Sublet (as Mother Superior).

WARNING: Trainspotting Live contains nudity, very strong language, violence, sexual material, and heavy drug / needle usage and is therefore only recommended for audience members age 16 and over.

Trainspotting Live is produced off-Broadway by Brass Jar Productions and Seabright Productions.

Trainspotting Live Tickets are available now for performances through to January 19, 2019.

(Photo by Travis Emery Hackett)

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