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See photos of Mike Birbiglia on Broadway in 'The Old Man and the Pool'

His latest solo show plays through January 15.

Gillian Russo
Gillian Russo

Mike's making waves! Comedian Mike Birbiglia is back on Broadway with The Old Man and the Pool, his second Broadway show following The New One. That show focused on the milestone of fatherhood, and The Old Man and the Pool is about a different turning point in Birbiglia's life: coming of middle age.

With his trademark blend of comic storytelling and witty jokes, Birbiglia talks about discovering he has heart problems and mustering up the will to pick up the habits that will help, including taking up swimming again after avoiding it for decades. The Old Man and the Pool is about life and death and the YMCA pools one must conquer in between.

Check out new photos of Birbiglia performing The Old Man and the Pool on Broadway, then swim over to the Vivian Beaumont Theater and see this splashy show live.

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Photos by Emilio Madrid

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