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'Screwups: Little Plays About Big Mistakes' by Justin Warner, at the Manhattan TheatreSource

Buffalo Bridge Productions presents Screwups: Little Plays About Big Mistakes, by Justin Warner, at the Manhattan TheatreSource from the 9 - 19 Nov 2005.

Screwups is a six-pack of Justin Warner's short comedies about misunderstandings, snafus, gaffes, mixups, clerical errors, and plain old bad judgments.

The cast for Screwups features Andrea Biggs, Matt Boethin, Ryan Dietz, Virginia Drda, Jason Grossman, Bridget Harvey, Jeff Hiller, Matt Knight, Janine Kyanko, Jill MacLean, Steve Minow, Amy Picar, and Adam A. Sullivan.

The following directors: Courtney Birch, Michael D. Jackson, and Ari Laura Kreith, will each direct two of the six short comedies.

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