In the Bar of a Tokyo Hotel: at New World Stages

Media At Large Productions are to present a revival of Tennessee Williams' In the Bar of a Tokyo Hotel, directed by Shashi Balooja and Maria Torres, opening at New World Stages / Stage 5 on 17 Oct 2012, following previews from 13 Oct 2012, and closing on 28 Oct 2012.

In the Bar of a Tokyo Hotel: Mark, an alcoholic painter and his promiscuous wife Miriam are two Americans trapped in a very troubled marriage and in a Tokyo hotel. A once successful artist, Mark tries desperately to reinvigorate his career but due to the stress of his failing marriage, indulgent lifestyle and the toxicity of being trapped in a room full of paint and turpentine, he finds the goal to be exceedingly difficult. On the verge of a nervous breakdown, he's convinced himself that he is the first artist to discover color - and sinks deeper into his psychosis, spreading his canvases on the floor and spraying paint on them while rolling around in the nude. Mark believes he is creating his ultimate masterpiece. With his obvious diminishing physical and mental capabilities, in addition to Miriam's attempts to have him committed, he races against his own inevitable fate.

Balooja and Torres will use music and dancers to provide interpretive elements of the canvasses, in conjunction with other media including live streaming video, to bringing the images of Mark's canvasses to life.

The creative team features set and video design by Xiao Wang, costumes by Vanessa Leuck, lighting by Zephan Ellenbogen and sound by Kevin Feustel.

Casting is still to be announced.

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