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I'd Leave You... But We Have Reservations at the Linhart Theater

Living Image Arts presents I'd Leave You... But We Have Reservations, an evening of 4 one act comiedies at the Linhart Theater from the 11 - 28 May 2006

I'd Leave You... But We Have Reservations: New York, NY- You slip the maître d' a twenty. You score the best table in the house. The meal is perfect, the ambience superb. Your eyes lock. What did you say? Yet another evening is shattered by public displays of rejection. Only this time everyone is going to get their just desserts.

The acts are written by Robert Akins, Maria Gabriele, Jacqueline Christy, Stephanie Rabinowitz and directed by Marco Jo Clate, Maria Gabriel and Chris Schraufnagel.

The cast for I'd Leave You... But We Have Reservations features Mia Aden, Greg Oliver Bodine, Brooke Chirone, Heather Collis, Rose Courtney, Erin Kukla, Alexandra Linxoln, Peter Marsh, Kyle Masteller, Shellyey McPherson and Joseph Tomasini.

The production has set design by Angrette McCloskey, costumes by Brent Barkhaus, lighting by Wilburn Bonnell and sound by Graham Johnson.

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