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'I Love Paris' Aaron Haskell assumes the role of Paris Hilton

Aaron Haskell assumes the role of Paris Hilton from the 21 Feb in Doug Field's comedy I Love Paris, playing at the Blue Heron Arts Centre. The comedy opened on the 26 Jul 2004 and is currently taking bookings to the 30 Aug 2005.

In physical type, Aaron Haskell may be the closest thing to the male version of Paris Hilton to have starred in this one-man show.

I Love Paris captures an intimate moment with the world renowned socialite as she prepares to audition for the fifth co-host seat of the ABC daytime television talk show, 'The View'.

While she waits in the green room, Paris reminisces about her whirlwind life, the high points, the low points and all of the fascinating points in between. Baring it all like never before--her straight to video performance not withstanding--she takes on even the most controversial topics.

Aaron Haskell will be the third actor to play the part of Paris Hilton since I Love Paris opened on the 26 Jul 2004, Kevin Shinick originally played the role, which is currently being acted by the 50 year old magician named Ago.

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