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Hurt So Good at the Turtle's Shell Theater

Point of You Productions presents Hurt So Good, a romantic comedy by Johnny Blaze Leavitt, at the Turtle's Shell Theater from 11 - 27 Oct 2007.

Hurt So Good follows the journey of one man exploring the world of BDSM. Tom and his crew embark on a touching and humorous adventure into the city's kinky subculture as Tom rediscovers who he is and what he's capable of becoming for the woman he loves.

Directed by Marc Adam Smith, Hurt So Good features: Melodye Brant, Lizzie Czerner, Meghan Dickerson, Curt Dixon, Jessie J. Fahay, Marlise Garde, Dawne Garrett, Kitty Hendrix, Cedric Jones, Karron Karr, Chris Keating, Melanie Kuchinski Rodriguez, Johnny Blaze Leavitt, Alyssa Mann, Leslie Marseglia, Keri Ann Peterson, Gerard J. Savoy, Lee Solomon, Tina Trimble and Paul Weissman.

The design team comprises Johnny Blaze Leavitt Ray (costumes) and Jeff Love (lighting).

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