Heresy / Progress : Two plays in Repertoire at Here Art's Center

Immigrants Theatre Project present two two new plays by internationally known writers, both about societies at different stages of implosion and renewal, at the Here Art's Center from 7 - 17 Dec 2006.

Written by: Sabina Berman
Translated by: Adam Versenyi.
Synopsis: About the activity of the Inquisition in 16th century Mexico and its influence on a wealthy 'converso' Jewish family (who lived as Christians) who were among the first Conquistadors. In an modern updating of the style of Spanish classical tragedy, but based on period accounts, Mexican playwright Sabina Berman explores what happened when 'hidden Jews' had the opportunity in the New World to try on their true identities.

Written by: Matei Visniec
Translated by: Joyce Nettles.
Synopsis: Explores the aftermath of the 1990s civil war in Balkans, as seen through the return of one refugee family to their ruined home, and their struggle to recover their lives.

Both plays are directed by Marcy Arlin and feature Manny Alfaro, Anitra Brooks, Bill Cohen, Daniel Damiano, Andrew Eisenman, Rahti Gorfien, Jim Himelsbach, Susan Hyon, Kathryn Kates, Mauricio Leyton, Aubrey Levy, Tony Naumovski, Jelena Stupljanin, Daniel Talbott, Morteza Tavakoli and Elizabeth West.

Set and costume design by Ramona Ponce, with lighting by Jason Lyons and sound by Matt Sherwin.

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