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'Help Me Help Myself' at the Looking Glass Theatre

Off the Leesh Productions presents Help Me Help Myself: The New York Guide to Love, Fame, Fortune and Everything You've Ever Dreamt Of in 30 Days or Less, a comedy about nurotic New Yorkers by Jenna Bans, opening at the Looking Glass Theatre on the 11 Nov 2005, following previews from the 9 Nov and running through to the 19 Nov 2005.

Help Me Help Myself is a comedy on being single -- and slightly neurotic -- in New York City. The play follows three young women as they navigate the Big City looking for (or trying to avoid) love, fortune and inner peace.

The cast for Help Me Help Myself, directed by Matthew G. Rashid, features: Jessica Arinella (Sara), Marina Kotovnikov (Claire), Joffre Myers (Nevin), Matthew G. Rashid (Ben) and Julie Tortorici (Beckie).

Help Me Help Myself has costumes by Jessica Jahn.

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