Hefetz, a stage reading at The Director's Company

A playreading of Hefetz, by Hanoch Levin, is taking place at The Director�s Company on 18 Dec 2007.

Hefetz is a biting social commentary, which looks at the human condition through the conflict between people who are in a constant state of war.

Directed by Riv Massey, Hefetz features: Satomi Blair, Maria Teresa Creasey, Chris Kloko, Adam Law, Amir Levi, Cynthia Rice and Jonathan Zipper.

There will be a discussion with the writer, director, and cast after the performance.

The playreading of Hefetz is produced by The Milk Can Theatre Company as part of their reading series 'Scene Herd Uddered'.

'Scene Herd Uddered' playreadings are not actors sitting in chairs simply reading a script. Instead, each presentation is the culmination of seven weeks of intense developmental work.

The Milk Can Theatre Company give a team � composed of a playwright, a director and a group of actors � a budget, rented space in which to show their work, a stage manager, publicity, and a support staff of dramaturgs.

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