‘Hadestown’ tickets on sale through September 2024

Anaïs Mitchell's award-winning Broadway musical adaptation of the classic Greek tale of Eurydice and Orpheus is in its fifth year at the Walter Kerr Theatre.

Gamal ElSawah
Gamal ElSawah

Look back again and again at Hadestown on Broadway. A new block of tickets has been released for the Tony Award-winning Best Musical, with seats now available for performances through September 1, 2024 at the Walter Kerr Theatre. Get Hadestown tickets now.

Following two interwoven love stories from Greek mythology — that of the young and idealistic Orpheus and Eurydice, and that of Hades and his wife Persephone — Hadestown takes audiences on a journey to hell and back. They go along with Orpheus as he takes a dangerous journey to the underworld to rescue his lover.

Creator Anaïs Mitchell and director Rachel Chavkin reimagined Hadestown, originally an independent theatre project and concept album, into a groundbreaking musical that blends contemporary American folk music with New Orleans-inspired jazz to add new flavor to classic tales. New York Theatre Guide's four-star Hadestown review reads "Going to hell has never been as much fun as seeing a performance of Anaïs Mitchell's musical Hadestown.”

The Hadestown cast features Grammy Award winner Jordan Fisher as Orpheus, Tony winner Lillias White as Hermes, Solea Pfeiffer as Eurydice, Betty Who as Persephone, Phillip Boykin as Hades, and Lindsey Hailes, Belén Moyano, and Brit West as the Fates.

Grammy Award-winning musician Ani DiFranco will play Persephone from February 9, 2024.

Get Hadestown tickets now.

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Photo credit: Solea Pfeiffer and Jordan Fisher in Hadestown. (Photo by Matthew Murphy)

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