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Golda's Balcony - tickets are now on sale to 29 Aug 2004

Mon 10 May 2004 Golda's Balcony - tickets are now on sale to 29 Aug 2004 Tickets are now on sale to 29 Aug 2004 for Golda's Balcony by William Gibson. Directed by Scott Schwartz and starring Tovah Feldshuh, the story of Golda Meir is the story of the Jewish experience of the 20th century. The play opened at the Helen Hayes Theatre on 15 Oct 2003, following previews from 3 Oct 2003, and received reasonable notices from the popular press : BRUCE WEBER for THE NEW YORK TIMES says, "Cheesily overwrought production." CLIVE BARNES for THE NEW YORK POST says, "The play's only fault is that in trying to humanize Golda Meir, Gibson has slightly diminished her with a shrugging comedy too stereotypical to be entirely lifelike." WILLIAM GIBSON for THE NEW YORK DAILY NEWS says, "Tovah Golda extraordinary vigor and passion." LINDA WINER for NEWSDAY says, "A handsomely crafted, tough-minded story of a complex woman." MICHAEL SOMMERS for THE STAR LEDGER says, "A spellbinding performance

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