Globop, Inc presents The Killer News, by Steven Reed, from 3 Dec 2003 at Abingdon Theatre

Tue 18 Nov 2003 Globop, Inc presents The Killer News, by Steven Reed, from 3 Dec 2003 at Abingdon Theatre Globop, Inc will present The Killer News, book, music and lyrics by Steven Reed, Musical arrangements by Mikel Prester, from 3 to 21 Dec 2003 at Abingdon Theatre , 432 West 42nd Street, (Off Broadway) Lighting by Jon Keese, and choreography by Thomas Burns The cast includes: Linnea Redfern, Pete Stickel, Alexander Meltsin, Brigitte Beniquez, L. H. 'Starborn' Bryant and Shelly Rudolph and Andrew Kletjian Underscored by a live band and surrounded by video screens continuously airing the evening's news, as well as what's happening outside (as if they were windows) and other environmental imagery, The Killer News is a sensory assault for the 'Viewers' in a farcical world of which there's reason to be afraid. The story opens with the 'The Big Bang' on the TV screen. As the history of the universe unfolds through the ages to present day - the Killer News Network (KNN) begins. The major headlines are announced live by two anchorpersons who interact with the roving reporters via video (who essentially narrate the lives of the Viewers and the world in which they live), while the male and female Viewers ready themselves for a flight. But she is the only one leaving. The Killer News tells a simple, cautionary tale reflecting the changing psycho-geographic impacts of post-modern info-media on our lives!

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