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Girls Day cancells its engagement at the Ace of Clubs

Steven Levenson's tragicomedy, Girls Day, or Britney and Tara Stare into the void and the void stares back, has cancelled its engagement at the Ace of Clubs where it was to have played from 11 May - 2 Jun 2008.

The cancellation has been caused by last-minute scheduling conflicts with playwright Steven Levenson. The producers are now looking at fall dates for the production, schedules permitting.

Girls Day. Dateline: Los Angeles, California. 21 Mar 2007. Britney Spears checks out of Promises Treatment Center after a one-month stint in rehab. So what's next for the derailed pop princess? Girls Day, natch! Britney calls up gal pal Tara Reid to join her for one special, unforgettable day.

The comedy was to be directed by Evan Cabnet, Girls Day and feature Jenn Harris (Britney Spears), Sara Satlzberg (Tara Reid), Patch Darragh (K-Fed) and Kathy Searle.

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