Garden of Earthly Delights will now close on 5 Apr

Garden of Earthly Delights, which brings Hieronymus Bosch�s provocative painting to life, will now end its run on 5 Apr 2009. The limited engagement had previously announced it would closed on 29 Mar 2009

Garden of Earthly Delights opened at the Minetta Lane Theatre on 19 Nov 2008 following previews from 8 Nov 2009. The production, originally scheduled through to 18 Jan 2009, recently announced a second extension through to 31 May 2009. However, the show is now closing earlier then expected, with the producers blaming the downturn in the economy.

The show opened to mostly good reviews: "Shot through with moments of strange, startling beauty." (NY Times); "A phantasmagoric quality you won't soon forget." (NY Post); "There's a breathtaking vitality to each lazzi. No vignette is stretched to the point where your interest might even begin to wane." (Back Stage); "A special thrill for auds famished for visual beauty." (Variety).

The publicity for the Garden of Earthly Delights says "Martha Clarke is reinventing her creation, continuing to blur the lines between theater, dance, art, and music to create a world of her own. An inspired synthesis of visual and performing magic, this breathtaking flight of imaginative genius is sexy, evocative, and unlike anything you�ve ever seen on stage. Using state-of-the-art aerial devices created by the �Flying by Foy� workshop, Martha Clarke takes you on a journey from creation through Eden, earthly existence, damnation and redemption.

Garden of Earthly Delights is back in New York for the first time since the production premiered at St. Clement�s in Nov 1984 and then at the Minetta Lane Theatre in 1987.

Conceived, directed, and choreographed by Martha Clarke, Garden of Earthly Delights features Sophie Bortolussi, Benjamin G. Bowman, Daniel Clifton, Marjorie Folkman, General McArthur Hambrick, Whitney V. Hunter, Gabby Malone, Jennifer Nugent, Matt Rivera, Jenny Sandler and Isadora Wolfe.

The creative team includes Christopher Akerlind (sets & lighting) and Jane Greenwood (costumes).

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