Fever at the L'il Peach Theater

DJM Productions presents Fever, written and directed by Dave McCracken, at Dionysus' L'il Peach Theater from 21 May - 5 Jul 2008.

Fever: Set on a scorching desert landscape. Under a relentless sun, two great warriors and mortal enemies, Atrox and Bonitas, have momentarily retired to their corners. Atrox enlists a handsome young soldier to his cause, the seduction and capture of Bonitas.

Atrox is the amoral Mack Daddy of Evil, the Simon Cowell of pre-history, with an unquenchable thirst for power. Destruction and subjugation are his calling cards. The valiant and virtuous Bonitas has received a serious wound and hides away in a cave to regain his strength. His courage and skill have managed to keep Atrox at bay but his decency has left him vulnerable. Bonitas has lively history as well; including being able to list Hercules as one of his exes. The dewy young Virtus, in the service of Atrox, learns that the struggle into which he has been drawn is older, deeper and more complicated than he ever could have imagined.

Fever features Miguel Belmonte, Rick Lattimer, Greg Thornsbury and Marcel Torres.

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