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Father Comes Home From The Wars extends to 30 Nov

Tom Millward
Tom Millward

The off-Broadway non-profit Public Theater has announced that its current production of Pulitzer Prize Winner Suzan-Lori Parks' new play Father Comes Home from the Wars: Parts 1, 2 and 3, directed by Jo Bonney, has extended its limited run through to 30 November 2014. The production began previews on 14 October 2014, with an official opening on 28 October, and was originally booking through to 16 November.

The complete cast of Father Comes Home from the Wars includes Sterling K. Brown (Hero), Louis Cancelmi (Smith), Peter Jay Fernandez (Oldest Old Man), Jeremie Harris (Homer), Russell G. Jones (Leader, Runaway), Jenny Jules (Penny), Ken Marks (Colonel), Jacob Ming-Trent (Fourth Runaway, Odyssey Dog), Tonye Patano (Third Runaway), and Julian Rozzell Jr. (Second Runaway).

Synopsis: "In Part 1, 'A Measure of Man' Hero, a slave who is accustomed to his master's lies, must now decide whether to join him on the Confederate battlefield in exchange for a promise of freedom. Part 2, 'The Battle in the Wilderness' follows Hero and the Colonel as they lead a captured Union solider toward the Confederate lines as the cannons approach. Finally, in Part 3, 'The Union of My Confederate Parts, the loved ones Hero left behind question whether to escape or wait for his return - only to discover that for Hero, freedom may have come at a great spiritual cost."

The creative team of Father Comes Home from the Wars features scenic design by Neil Patel, costumes by ESOSA, lighting by Lap Chi Chu, and sound design and music supervision by Dan Moses Schreier.

- by Tom Millward

Sterling K. Brown

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