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Enemies: A Love Story at the Philip Coltoff Center

Steps Theatre present Enemies: A Love Story, by Isaac Bashevis Singer, at the Philip Coltoff Center from 20 Jun - 12 Jul 2008.

Enemies: A Love Story: The action takes place in the New York Jewish community in the 1940s-1950s. Herman Broder, the main character, in a twisted turn of events, finds himself being a husband of three different women at the same time. One of them - Yadwiga - is his former Polish peasant servant. The second one is his beloved mistress Masha. The third one is Tamara - his lawful wife, who he thought had been long dead. Out of the blue, Tamara shows up in New York and finds Herman. Each one of these women lays her claim on Herman, and each one is dear to him in her own way...

Directed by Slava Stepnov, Enemies: A Love Story features Roman Freud, Marina Byrko, Yelena Shmulenson, Liza Kaymin, Irina Brovina, Inna Yesilevskaya, Galina Orlovskaya, Lana Enikova and Boris Kasinets.

Note: This play is performed in Russian!

The creative team features set and costume design by Maria Vlasova, with lighting by John Trevellini and sound by Anya Kozorez and Daniel Vexler.

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