East to Edinburgh festival at 59E59's Theater C

59E59 Theaters announces the 2008 line up for the 5th annual East to Edinburgh festival, taking place from Tuesday, 8 - 27 Hyl 2008 at 59E59's Theater C.

The East to Edinburgh 2008 presents:

  • 7 Sins
    Genre: Comedy
    Playwright: James Judd
    Director: Randall Rapstine Synopsis: True stories from the life of writer/performer James Judd based on the seven deadly sins.
    Dates: 8 - 13 Jul 2008

  • Jeff Kreisler '08
    Genre: Comedy
    Playwright: Jeff Kreisler
    Synopsis: Kreisler dissects American politics and culture
    Dates: 10 - 16 Jul 2008

  • Dirt
    Genre: Drama
    Playwright: Robert Schneider
    Director: David Robinson
    Producers: Dreck Productions
    Cast: Christopher J. Domig.
    Synopsis: Centers on Sad, a desperately alienated illegal immigrant from Iraq, who confronts xenophobia, latent racism and ethnocentrism as he sells roses on the streets to make ends meet. He is charming, cynical, humorous, violent and sad. Although he loves the English language and American culture he misses his homeland. As Sad continues to talk, it becomes increasingly clear that he has a love-hate relationship with himself, his heritage and the western world he currently lives in.
    Dates: 11 - 18 Jul 2008

  • Jonathan Prager
    Genre: Comedy
    Playwright: Jonathan Prager
    Synopsis: A comical look at family life, relationships and political satire.
    Dates: 15 - 22 Jul 2008

  • Mythellaneous
    Genre: Comedy
    Playwright: Emily Davis
    Director: Bethany Burgess-Smith
    Producers: Messenger Theatre Company
    Synopsis: A clown walks into a theatre. Destiny calls. She answers the phone and promptly hangs up again. Which of us is ready to take the hero's journey? Not this clown, no thank you Joseph Campbell!
    Dates: 19 - 27 Jul 2008

  • Queen of Wyoming
    Genre: Comedy
    Playwright: Maggie Simpson
    Director: Laura Crook
    Producers: Senovva Inc
    Cast: Maggie Simpson
    Synopsis: Politics, music, and family all collide on the plains of the American Midwest.Maggie Simpson left a New England University where she was studying theater to campaign in conservative Wyoming with her father. Having finally found her independence and her voice,giving it up has tragic consequences.
    Dates: 22 - 24 Jul 2008

  • The Judgement of Paris
    Genre: Comedy
    Adapted by: Austin McCormick with Toby Burns
    Director: Austin McCormick
    Producers: Company XIV
    Cast: Laura Careless, Samantha Ernst, Yeva Glover, Gioia Marchese, Seth Numrich and Davon Rainey.
    Synopsis: Inspired by the Greek myth 'The Judgment of Paris' in which the first ever beauty contest occurred, and informed by the stage directions of the Baroque Opera, The Judgment of Paris tells an epic story of lust, love, and tragedy, illustrating the events that lead to Paris' fateful decision to award Aphrodite the golden apple in exchange for Helen of Troy.
    Dates: 23 - 25 Jul 2008

  • I Lost My Laugh in the Revolution
    Genre: Comedy
    Playwright: Shameka Cunningham
    Director: Ayana Cahrr
    Producers: Laugh Write Productions
    Cast: Shameka Cunningham
    Synopsis: A story woven from the misadventure of a soul searching narrator, the silent longing of a passionate letter writer, and the trials of a young girl rebel marching into the outside world of perilous cars, trucks, forced laughs, and heartbreak on a mission to get to the president, save the world and find her real laugh.
    Dates: 25 - 27 Jul

  • Queen Rit'a Blues Alley
    Genre: Comedy
    Book: Amontaine Aurore
    Music: Joseph 'Macarldie' Nibbs & Amontaine Aurore Lyrics: Amontaine Aurore
    Producers: Ten Auras Productions
    Cast: Amontaine Aurore
    Synopsis: Rita Beckworth went from being a homeless woman living in the alley to a thriving blues singer and club owner in one fell swoop. Wanting to help her homeless friends still leading desperate lives and rid the world of evil, Rita uses her background in potion-making to 'stir things up'. But things didn't turn out exactly as planned and now she's on trial.
    Dates: 26 - 27 Jul

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