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East to Edinburgh: 59e59 announce programme

59E59 Theaters have announced the 2010 line up for the 7th annual East to Edinburgh festival, taking place from 13 Jul through to 1 Aug 2010 at 59E59 Theaters. Directed by Langs, the co-production by the two non-profit theaters will be presented at Playwrights Horizons in spring 2011 as the musical's New York premiere.

Each July, 59E59 Theaterhosts shows by US theater companies who are headed across the Pond to take part in the world's largest cultural extravaganza, the Edinburgh Festival Fringe. 59E59 Theaters hosts numerous productions each year before they journey across the Atlantic!

The 2010 East to Edinburgh line up is:

Yo Girl!
Writer: Natalie Kim
Director: Kenneth Heaton
Produced by Claire Unabia
Cast: Natalie Kim
Dates: Tue 13 Jul, Wed 14 Jul & Tue 20 Jul at 7pm Synopsis: What happens when you meet the man of your dreams? For Natalie Kim, the answer is in her mothers. All three of them.

No Traveler / Hi, How Can I Help You
Writter: Penny Pollack (No Traveler)
writer: Scout Durwood (Hi, How Can I...)
Director: Samantha Jones (No Traveler)
Director: Lucile Scott (Hi, How Can I...)
Produced by Mighty Little Productions
Cast: Penny Pollack (No Traveler)
Cast: Scout Durwood (Hi, How Can I...)
Dates: Wed 14 Jul & Fri 16 Jul 2010 Synopsis: No Traveler - Combines vaudeville, music and monologue to explore the heartbreaking act of suicide with the one thing that helps us keep going... laughter.
Synopsis: Hi, How Can I Help You - A one woman musical following the silly side of working as an S&M mistress.
Gibby Stone And Her Problem
Book: Paul Andrew Perez
Music: George Griggs
Lyrics: George Griggs
Director: Paul Andrew Perez
Producer: Infinity Repertory Theatre Company and Main Street Arts
Cast: Natalie Tiffany, Carlie Yaroscak, Christine Barnwell and Carolyn Stark
Dates: 15 Jul - 1 Aug 2010 Synopsis: Gibby is a regular teenaged girl until her acne strikes. Gibby's face is either a dermatological wonder or the spawn of hell. Will she ever find a normal life? Teen angst at its worst!
Suspicious Package
Writer: Gyda Arber and Wendy Coyle
Director: Gyda Arber
Producer: The Fifth Wall
Cast: Gyda Arber, David Arthur Bacharach, Aaron Baker, Wendy Coyle, Ian W. Hill, Heath Kelts, Iracel Rivero, Brandi Robinson, Heather Lee Rogers, Ariana Siegel, Ken Simon and Moira Stone.
Dates: 17 Jul - 1 Aug 2010 Synopsis: Part performance, part live video game, this interactive experience uses iPods and the tony Upper East Side neighborhood around 59E59 to immerse audiences directly into the gritty world of film noir, where not everything is black and white.
Mary & William
Writer: Mary MacDonald Hamill
Director: Eddie Lew
Cast: Mary MacDonald Hamill.
Dates: 17 - 21 Jul 2010 Synopsis: Shakespeare's words have a powerful resonance in the life of a woman seeking intimacy and her place in the world. The voices of Hamlet, Prospero, Ophelia and Juliet intertwine with a deeply personal autobiography.
Two Islands: Island Blogosphere and The Jewish Nun
Writer: Vanessa Garcia (Island Blogosphere)
Writer: Wendy White (The Jewish Nun)
Director: Vanessa Garcia (Island Blogosphere)
Director: Wendy White (The Jewish Nunn)
Producer: New Light Foundation and Krane, Inc.
Cast: Nicole Garcia, Casey Dressler and Vanessa Garcia.
Dates: 17 & 19 Jul 2010
Synopsis: Two Islands explores the two worlds inhabited by a Jewish American woman and a Cuban American woman. Two stories of culture clashes, the world of outsiders and the women who strive to find themselves through the pulsing life of the two particular islands who made them: Manhattan and Cuba.
City Love Song
Writer: Jack Finnegan
Director: Jack Finnegan
Producer: Four Fins Ink
Cast: Jack Finnegan
Dates: 20 Jul 9pm, 21 Jul 9pm, 27 Jul 9pm
Synopsis: Jack Finnegan narrates an expressive and philosophical journey through the United States from the window of a train and the sidewalks of two dozen American cities. What is the state of America? Prepare to find out.
Righteous Money
Writer: Michael Yates Crowley
Director: Michael Rau
Producer: Wolf 359
Cast: Michael Yates Crowley and Michael Rau.
Dates: 22 Jul 9pm, 24 Jul 9pm
Synopsis: Dishing out advice on stock trading, deal-making and seducing your assistant, this filthy rich TV provocateur takes on the tanking economy. What begins as a send-up of financial gurus and morally dubious I-bankers becomes a searing exploration of finance and the state of America today.
A Perhaps-too-intimate Evening Of Music and Hilarity
Writer: Jesse Andrews and Micah Shapiro
Director: Jesse Andrews
Producer: The Young Dads
Cast: Jesse Andrews and Micah Shapiro.
Dates: 22 Jul 9pm, 24 Jul 9pm
Synopsis: Mixes catchy original music with witty comedic musings about pirates, the meaning of existence and how tough it is to be a teenage girl.
Writer: Steven Levenson
Director: Dawn Fuller
Producer: Red Chair Players East
Cast: Lucinda Allen, Yasmeen Audi, Cristina Cortes, Tate Daugherty, Joey Doyle, Caroline Johnson, Nikhil Mehra, KC Morse, Ben Prout, Alexa Salamé and Anna Skelsey.
Dates: 23 Jul 7pm, 25 Jul 7pm
Synopsis: Two rebellious young women are caught at the intersection between modernity and madness. Retreat explores the perils of self-discovery in a psychiatric clinic, circa 1906.
Skinny Bitch Jesus Meeting
Writer: Katie Hartman and Leah Rudick
Cast: Katie Hartman and Leah Rudick
Dates: 28 Jul 9pm, 31 Jul 9pm
Synopsis: Delightfully dark duo Katie Hartman and Leah Rudick turn daisies into daggers and filth into fancy with their absurd and disarmingly fun show.
Considering Georgia O'keeffe
Writer: Allison Hetzel
Director: Allison Hetzel
Producer: One Voice Productions
Cast: Allison Hetzel.
Dates: 31 Jul 2pm & 4pm, Sun 1 Aug 4pm
Synopsis: Considering Georgia O'Keeffe is a unique and honest look at O'Keeffe's life as a female artist in a man's world. A compelling portrayal of one of the most iconic American artists of the 20th Century.

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