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Dysphoria at the Ontological Theater

Hoi Polloi presents Dysphoria, written and directed by Alec Duffy, at the Ontological Theater at St. Mark's Church from 2 - 11 Aug 2007

Dysphoria: Five members of a religious community prepare to carry out the utopian vision of their late founder. Inspired by the contentious history of the Shambhala community, this lively drama depicts characters forced to reconsider their faith, their sexual mores and their future together as they build a new community. Personalities clash as the characters train in close quarters for their mission, causing the community's past controversies to re-emerge.

Dysphoria features David Frank, Masayasu Nakanishi, Nisi Sturgis, Amy Laird Webb and Marshall York.

Set design by Justin Townsend, with costumes by Jessica Pabst, lighting by Miranda Hardy and sound by Dave Malloy.

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