'Dying Goldfish' at the Access Theatre

Dying Goldfish, by James Comtois, at the Access Theatre from the 5 - 28 May 2005.

Dying Goldfish is a bittersweet comedy about first dates, weddings and awkward displays of emotion. Two siblings -- Carol, a university instructor and Will, a lonely and aspiring novelist -- return home to witness their cousin's wedding and visit their uncle -- a former professor -- who has suffered a stroke that has destroyed his ability to control his emotions. This homecoming reminds both Carol and Will how separate their private lives are from their family lives, and how happy they are to keep things that way.

The cast, directed by Pete Boisvert, features Jeremy Goren (Will), Leslie E. Hughes (Carol), Patrick Shearer (Steve), Elizabeth Stewart (Simone), Ree Davis (Margaret), Ed Knauer (Don), John McCausland (Jim), Cat Johnson (Samantha), Marc Landers (Ben), and Sabrina Howells (Monica).

Dying Goldfish has set design by Alice M. Golden, and lighting by Chris Daly. It is produced by Pete Boisvert, James Comtois, Patrick Shearer, Stephanie Williams.

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