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Don't Worry, Be Jewish at the Promise Theater

Children's Talent Development Fund Inc present Don't Worry, Be Jewish, concept & book by Mark Kleyner, music & lyrics by Alexander Butov & Brian Starr, translation by Julia Burke, opening at the Promise Theater on 11 May 2008, following previews from 10 May, and running through to 4 Jun 2008.

Don't Worry, Be Jewish: We follow the lives of thirteen-year-old Chaim and twelve-year-old Sharianna and their encounters with the Good and the Evil of modern day reality. Through this journey, Chaim and Sharianna discover what it means to be Jewish, and must decide which path in life they will take.

Directed by Mark Kleyner, Don't Worry, Be Jewish features Lawrence Benin, Kristina Biddle, Alexa Burger, Lauren Dennis, Justin Hall, Tyler Hall, Natalya Khmaryuk, Nathan Kay, Elina Raklin, Elan Kvitko, Simona Meynekhdrun, Jasmine Petraru, Kailand Novak and Mitchell Sapoff.

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