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Decadence at Under St. Mark's

Rising Sun Performance Company presents Decadence, by P. William Pinto, at Under St. Mark's from 11 Jul - 25 Aug 2007.

Decadence: An Original work drawing from our eclectic Americana history, told thru 10 vignettes each representing a decade from the 20th Century. Flies from 1903 to 1998 in examination of the lies, truths, and in-betweens which have plagued this country in the last century. Meet Topsy the Elephant that helped build Coney Island, and witness her gruesome public execution. Follow the conflict of an African American Actor who has to decide between keeping his job and lowering himself to Minstrelsy. Peek inside the interrogation room of Roswell, NM and see what may or may not have really happened. Listen in on a studio recording a Radio play, and watch the outside during the Depression. Dance along to disco music at Studio 54 and re-live the blinding media circus of the Clinton Sex Scandal.

Directed by Akia, Decadence features Adam Purvis, Lindsey Smith, Elizabeth Burke, Michelle Robinson, Nicolette Callaway, Rey Oliver Bune, Patrick J. Egan, Reginald V. Ferguson, Thomas Farrell, Rob Richardson, Crystal Franceschini, Mimi and Kathleen Schlemmer.

Costumes by Dara Fargotstein, with lighting by Jessica Greenberg and sound by Roman Battaglia.

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